Even When Women Earn More, They Earn Less

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New research into the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted by JobList found there are a few occupations in which women earn more than men, including billing, reservations, travel clerks, and advertising sales. However, the number of occupations for which this was the case was much smaller than the number of occupations in which men made more than women.

In those few instances, women only made approximately $2,400 more than their male counterparts. In the many more roles in which men made more than women, they made much more—an average of $11,400 more than their female counterparts. Even when inequality favors women, it still does so in an unfair way.

Gender Pay Gap: An Ongoing Problem

The researchers note that there has been overall progress in the United States when it comes to eliminating the gender pay gap. However, multitudes of factors have perpetuated the problem across multiple industries and occupations. Continue reading here…

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