Moving Beyond the Diversity Quota: How to Foster Inclusivity in Your Organization

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By now, we all know diversity in the workplace is good for people and business. But many employees still feel disconnected or undervalued, despite companies’ best attempts at hiring a more representative workforce.

What’s missing is a culture of inclusion.

From introverts feeling overlooked in large meetings to sober or religious employees feeling left out at alcohol-related events, business leaders are clearly struggling to connect diversity with inclusion. Given that 72% of working Americans would consider leaving an organization for one they think is more inclusive, it’s time for employers to move beyond diversity quotas and start fostering real inclusivity.

Diversity Is More Than a Number

While diversity refers to an employee’s inherent characteristics, such as race, gender, age, and sexual orientation, inclusion deals with employees’ lived experiences and how they’re accepted in the office.

Think of inclusivity as the way you support your employees. In an open, welcoming environment, everyone can thrive regardless of background.

Although quotas can bring diverse voices and viewpoints into your organization, companies that merely check off diversity boxes can also perpetuate serious inclusion issues. Take older employees, for example. Those who are at or approaching the traditional retirement age of 65 are the fastest-growing segment of the workforce. Yet only 8% of companies include age in their diversity and inclusion strategies, making it that much easier for ageism to flourish. Acknowledging how this demographic may feel entering an office full of significantly younger coworkers is an essential first step for successful inclusion strategies.

At the end of the day, diversity and inclusion practices are about much more than the numbers. They speak to how welcomed every employee in your organization feels. And when workers feel accepted and valued for who they are, everyone benefits. The companies that have cracked this code experience higher cash flow per employee, increased revenue and profits, higher performance and productivity rates, more engaged employees, and greater innovation in the workplace.

Putting Inclusivity into Practice

Creating an inclusive company starts with HR teams acknowledging the cracks in culture. Once you’re aware of the opportunities for improvement, you can take action: Continue reading here…

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