Overcoming E-Mail Noise to Get Corporate Communications Front and Center

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According to global marketing firm IDC, your employees are receiving, on average, 576 billion e-mails annually! Yes, that’s “billion,” with a “B,” and that’s a lot of e-mails! How can companies successfully develop and deploy a corporate communication strategy to keep their workers informed?

That’s the focus of a recent research report by IDC and GuideSpark, a communication solutions software company. The report, “Strategic Corporate Communication: 5 Steps to Overcome the Noise and Increase Impact,” features survey findings from 300 organizations in the United States across a broad range of industries. The purpose of the survey was to examine the hypothesis that U.S.-based employees are barraged with corporate communications—and the above statistic proves that point.

The report’s main focus, however, was to uncover how employers can get past all the noise to effectively communicate key strategic information to employees. According to the report, “Strategic corporate communication [SCC] is essential to successfully generating action and achieving business objectives.” Before we get into the strategic information, let’s take a closer look at some of the findings.

Risks and Benefits Associated with SCC

The IDC/GuideSpark report found that there are benefits and risks when it comes to corporate communication. When SCC is successful, businesses are able to promote adoption of strategic programs, accelerate change, improve employee engagement and productivity, and increase enterprise agility/responsiveness.

While the benefits of a successful SCC are great, you must also factor in the risks associated with an unsuccessful SCC, which include reduced alignment and coordination, increased employee frustration, and reduced employee performance from unclear or conflicting expectations. Therefore, it is essential that your corporate communications be successful. But how do you do that? Read more here…

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