Seven Ways to Create the Kind of Business Employees Are Proud to Work For

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When someone asks a member of your team where they work, what do they say? Do they say they work for a company they’re proud to work for, or do they describe all the reasons they dread going to work in the morning?

How your employees feel about your business matters. It can affect their mental health, and it can eventually affect their physical health, which can have a huge impact on their performance at work.

Create the kind of business that your employees actually want to work for by following these tips.

Give Employees Time off When They Need It

Many workplaces frown on taking time off. They encourage employees to come into work when they aren’t feeling very well, and there’s a lot of judgement when anyone takes time off for a mental health day, to go on vacation, or to be there for a child’s special event.

Don’t be that workplace!

In the age of COVID-19, it is extremely important to protect ourselves and others from this deadly virus, as well as others. Everyone needs time off to rest and recharge, and no one should have to miss out on being there for family because their supervisor doesn’t approve. Most employees don’t take advantage of time off—they only take it when they need it—so let them!

Provide Benefits That Make Them Feel Secure and Healthy

It is so important to have health insurance. Those who don’t have proper coverage avoid going to the doctor, which can be disastrous to their health. However, those who are forced to get insurance on their own often put it off because individual plans are so expensive. Do your employees a favor and offer a generous, affordable health insurance plan, even if it costs your business money.

Helping your employees feel secure is important too. Provide employees with access to a retirement plan, and create a sustainable match program so you can contribute to your employees’ retirement as well. That way, your employees aren’t worried about how much money they’ll have when they are ready for retirement.

Consider Perks They Actually Want

There has been an uptick in workplace perks as a way to attract new talent and to keep it once they’re hired. You’ll find nerf guns, ping pong tables, and ice cream bars in many trendy startups and companies across the country. Although these are fun, they aren’t what employees want.

Don’t waste your money on distractions. Instead, provide perks that your employees actually want. A few ideas include:

  • Flexible and remote working options
  • Gym memberships
  • Student loan repayment options
  • Financial planning resources
  • Professional development
  • Identity theft protection
  • Pet-friendly offices

Not sure what kind of perks your employees want? Just ask! Not only will they receive perks they appreciate, but they’ll also feel like valued members of the team because you asked for their input.

Provide Opportunities for Employees to Connect on a Personal Level

Strong, positive relationships are important to our well-being. That includes friends and family outside of work, but it can include coworkers too. You just have to provide employees with the opportunity to connect outside the board room on a more personal level.

Host office parties throughout the year, invite a few employees out for a drink on Friday nights and host competitive events, like bowling, to encourage employees to get to know each other. They’ll feel more comfortable with each other, which is good for innovation, in addition to feeling comfortable and welcome at work. Continue reading here…

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