What Can HR Learn from Brand Disruptors?

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Many years ago, I had a blog called Punk Rock HR, which now happens to be the name of my podcast. The blog was my way of disrupting the status quo within the HR profession. It is still talked about within many HR circles. 

I just love a good disruptor. Don’t you?

And, disruption isn’t as disruptive as we think it is. It happens all the time over and over again. 

Recently I chatted with Larry Ingrassia about brand disruptors. I find it fascinating that a brand can come in and disrupt the marketplace. Then it’s bought out by the famous brand within that category. Whether it’s Ben and Jerry’s or Dollar Shave Club, they disrupt the market, and then they’re emulated by it. 

What does it take to create a brand that will be around for the long term and have value? 

Well, for starters, they need to be a little bit smarter about customer service than their competitors. Customer service mattersContinue reading here…

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