7 Ways to Encourage Creativity & Innovation On Your Team

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Usually when people think about innovation, they imagine really smart people inventing valuable products or coming up with disruptive ideas that make them famous, rich, or both. 💸

An innovative team can definitely lead to these kinds of outcomes, but having an innovative team also drives success by enabling you and your organization to adapt quickly to new challenges and to thrive in unforeseen scenarios.

Innovating, even on a small scale but on a very regular basis, sets people and businesses apart from their competition. Employees that have the opportunity to innovate even tend to be more engaged workers and committed to their company’s mission.

Unfortunately for employers, identifying creativity and innovative thinking during the hiring process can be difficult. We tend to look at resumes when evaluating job applicants, which gives us information about prior work experience and education. Interviews get us a bit closer, but many interview structures can be far from the kind of thinking and working an employee would do normally.

None of this information offers us much insight into someone’s capability for innovative thinking. 😅

To make matters even more complicated, even the most innovative people aren’t likely to be innovative in an environment that does not adequately encourage innovation. At the same time, claiming to be dedicated to innovation is not enough to actually foster innovation. 

Luckily, there are things you can do to promote innovation and enable your team members to make the most of their creative capabilities. By building the right habits in yourself and those you manage, you can significantly raise the chances that innovation happens and that it happens on a regular basis.

Here are 7 ways to ensure your team is innovative:

1. Keep things fun. 

Swedish researcher Göran Ekvall identified 10 climate dimensions that affect creativity in organizations. One of those dimensions is a company’s sense of humor and playfulness! A relaxed atmosphere with lots of laughter goes a long way in defining your company culture, and also encourages the freedom to be creative.

After all, when people feel stressed, their bodies release a hormone called cortisol. Most people know that cortisol is harmful to our health!  Cortisol makes it harder to concentrate and can lead to the brain fog that is commonly associated with fatigue or depression.

Regardless of how intelligent, creative, or innovative someone is, if they are in a stressed state, chances are slim that their minds will work at an optimal level. It is for this reason that people who are feeling stressed or under pressure are not as good at solving complex problems. 

While your employees’ health may not seem like your problem, their mental status certainly affects you because it affects their performance. Stress on its own distracts from processes that are important for delivering projects successfully. So keep things fun and supportive, and you’ll start seeing the new ideas flow.Read more here…

Source: Bonusly Blog

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