Artificial Intelligence and its Potential Role in Recruitment

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Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly broadly integrated across global economies. We are still only at the tip of what it could potentially achieve but machine learning provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses to integrate solutions such as automation and to find new ways to benefit from greater use of data and analysis too. Since 2017 it has been a hot topic in recruitment, particularly with respect to simplifying and speeding up many of the time consuming, repetitive or complex processes that are involved. So, where and how is it likely to make the most impact?

The Role of AI in Recruitment

At its most basic level, the automation that AI has the potential to introduce into workflows can have a big impact on the recruitment sector. This can help to reduce administrative workload and provide more data for decision makers to use. AI is also evolving for a more complex range of uses in recruitment, for example being used to test candidates through automatically generated challenges in their field of expertise. A number of other key uses are also beginning to emerge, including:

  • Chatbots. Many financial and retail organisations are already using chatbots to interact with customers. This AI tech is useful in recruitment in many ways, from answering candidate questions, to filling in gaps in CVs and using Natural Language Processing to analyse whether an individual has certain skills. Continue reading here…

Via: The Staffing Stream