Don’t Let Short-Term Actions Hurt Long-Term Outcomes

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Short-term actions by organizations across the United States may be helping them stay afloat for now. However, if care is not taken, the long-term results might be less than favorable.

Indeed, the short-term effects of the current pandemic vary—think airlines and restaurants versus retail giants and grocery stores. Meanwhile, the long-term effects of an economic downturn for many companies depend on several factors; these factors should be controlled, or there might be serious long-term consequences.

“Employers need to consider their short-term actions to manage current costs and position the company for recovery,” said Edith Clee, Partner at Mercer. “The actions they take over the next few months, especially the longer-term strategies put in place, could determine how they fare over the next 12–18 months.”

Employees and Candidates Will Remember How Organizations Behaved

Carefully crafted and maintained employment brands can suffer seemingly overnight when care is not taken to preserve a brand. Look no further than what is happening with Ellen DeGeneres right now if you have any doubts. Continue reading here…

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