Small Increases in Your Talent Acquisition Conversion Rates have Massive Benefits to Your Hiring

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As it turns out, the best job applicants need convincing in order to apply for your jobs.  You’ve probably heard this before when thinking about your employer brand and what makes your company unique.

If your career site is pretty much nothing more than a job board filled with vague postings and scattered company information, what type of candidates do you think will be applying for your jobs? It’s a near guarantee that they will be…

  • Candidates that are mass applying to any available jobs
  • Candidates that are not qualified for the job itself
  • Candidates that you will spend time and sanity reviewing but then will not move into the next phase of your hiring process

The point is, if you’re receiving tons of applications but still having a difficult time when it comes to actually finding the RIGHT candidates, then it’s time to think about ways to increase the percentage of applicants that will want to apply for your roles.

  • Does your social media presence give potential hires a reason to want to work at your company?
  • Is your career site easy to navigate, filled with interesting content, and quick on the loading speed?
  • Are your job postings crystal clear, in-depth, and up to date?
  • Are you using chatbots to instantly answer questions a potential high-quality hire wants to ask? Continue reading here…

Credit: Everyone’s Blog Posts – RecruitingBlogs

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