The Best Jobs for Introverts and Extroverts

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Some of us are more introverted—more shy and introspective, people who expel energy to be in large groups of people—while others are more extroverted, more talkative and social, and energized by being around others. And these personality proclivities don’t just inform our decisions about what to do on a Friday night; an inclination toward more introversion or extroversion can also help us choose the best careers for our unique personality types.

Here, according to a career expert, are the best career options for introverts and extroverts.

The Best Jobs for Introverts

Creative fields: “Introverts who are creative can be well-suited for fields and positions that require lots of room for imagination and inventiveness,” working as entrepreneurs, marketers, or graphic designers, for example, says Alexandra Clarke, ForceBrands’ director of recruiting. For example, introverts might love being a content writer, she says. “Writing well requires both creativity and close attention to detail,” she says. “Writers often prefer to work alone so they can concentrate their efforts on researching, writing, and editing.”

Freelance work: “Introverts who are self-starters and need less external motivation and validation than extroverts often excel in freelance positions,” says Clarke, “or roles that require long stretches of working alone or unsupervised,” such as graphic designers.

Highly technical work: According to Clarke, “Some introverts prefer to think things over and take a more thorough approach to their work. These kinds of introverts tend to find success in industries and roles that require a lot of problem-solving or involved processes.” For example, an introvert might like to work as a food scientist, a job that “requires a lot of creativity, research, and problem solving—all skills that play to an introvert’s strengths.” Continue reading here…

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