Tools Recruiters Need To Succeed In 2020

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Technology will continue to transform and disrupt the way professional recruiters work in 2020. Job Boards have made candidate sourcing a lot easier but at the same time, competition between recruiters has also increased dramatically. Using the right tools to manage candidates has become more important today than ever before.

Recruitment tools can be classified into two types: Tools that help with sourcing and tools that help with candidate relationship management (CRM).

Sourcing is the process of identifying and discovering candidates. As one of the first stages of the recruitment process, it needs to be organized and executed with a clear goal.

A sourcing strategy will deliver the best results when dedicated sourcing tools and expertise is leveraged in the right way. Passive candidates are a great pool to explore that is often ignored.

Apart from well know platforms like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter and Indeed, Here are a few less popular but extremely effective tools that can help you with sourcing the right candidates:

Zillion resumes — Zillion gives high-quality passive candidates. Almost 70% of their database comprises of passive candidates. It has an easy search interface which helps in adding filters and segregating candidates geographically or by their occupation etc.

TalentBin — TalentBin gives you access to a database of passive candidates and lets you add notes, stages, tasks, and reminders to stay on top of the talent pipeline. The only downside is that it’s extremely expensive (over $6000 per user per year) Read more here…

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