Employee Rewards Software Best Practices

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Employee rewards platforms allow companies to engage, reward, and retain their employees through social recognition as well as gifts. We love employee rewards software because of the drastic impact it can have on a company’s culture. In an economy that has unemployment rates near 4%, increasing employee engagement is so important to the success of any PeopleOps team.

Despite how long the concept of rewarding and recognizing employees has been around, there are still many pitfalls that we see HR teams fall into when setting up these programs. The wrong rewards, a broken implementation, or lack of employee engagement can all lead to failure.

This failure is particularly expensive in cases where your HR team has spent significant time setting this program up, communicating it to the rest of the organization, and planning around the benefits of increased retention.

With that in mind, we wanted to share some of the best practices we’ve seen across Human Resources teams who have implemented these solutions. Some of them are more related to the process HR runs to implement and launch these solutions. And, others are related to the vendor offerings themselves. Continue reading here…

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