Here’s How You Can Deal With The Incompetent Employees

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Maintaining consistent performance throughout the entire employment span is impossible for anyone. There are various ups and downs in the productivity and show of every working professional. What is not acceptable is to constantly keep the workforce under scrutiny for the dissatisfactory reports and completely ignore the organization’s shortcomings. It is always easy to blame an employee for the degrading performance or lowering business numbers and hand over a relieving letter format to them. But, as an employer, have you ever wondered that there could be a little possibility of other agents catalyzing the downfall?

Thus, it is advisable to first take into consideration all the external factors affecting business performance and then evaluate how much the employees are responsible for the same. Now if you happen to realize after analysis that the workforce is accountable to some extent, do not make impulsive decisions. Rather, the wiser step is to analyze and control the situation by implementing stepwise procedures to correct the damage.

There could be several reasons behind the underperformance of employees. Let’s see what you can do about it:

Establish KRAs and KPIs Clearly

This happens mostly because the new joiners are unable to understand their roles and responsibilities properly. Sometimes, employees are stuck in the wrong department or an unsuitable position. If not, some may fail to comprehend their work profile during the employee induction and orientation. So, it is imperative to set the expectations right from the beginning and explain the KRAs and KPIs clearly so that it becomes easier for them to work towards achieving their goals. Continue reading here…

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