How To Job Search During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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As our current job market is shifting and experiencing layoffs and companies are moving to remote work to combat the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), many are wondering, “How do I even search for a new job during this uncertain time?” In chaos, anxiety and uncertainty it’s normal to be discouraged from developing a strong job search. 

Although hiring has slowed down, companies are still actively recruiting and looking for strong new talent to problem solve and continue to be resilient in the face of adversity. While less hiring means a more competitive search, you can also leverage this time to stand out within your job search by being strategic, intentional and nimble to land a job that you’re passionate about. Remember that you have options. In addition to full-time employment opportunities, companies are hiring to fill project and contract-based positions. During this tumultuous time you have the opportunity to enhance your expertise, build your network and reflect on your next step professionally. Hiring during a crisis also means a quicker hiring process and cycle. 

We can’t, obviously, predict when this virus will subside and the job market will steady itself, but we can choose to adequately equip ourselves with information to gain job stability. Follow our tips for conducting a job search during uncertain times, to gain the confidence and clarity to move forward in your career. 

1. Create a timeline for your job search.

If you are currently unemployed, it’s likely you feel a sense of urgency. If you truly need a job fast, consider your job search itself a full-time job. To keep your sanity, set a timeline for when you’d like to get a new role to level-set expectations while simultaneously benchmarking career goals. Instead of blindly applying, focus your efforts on leveraging your network to source additional opportunities and keep track of your progress.

2. Strengthen connections with your networks online.

Tap into your networks that might include friends, professional mentors, and old colleagues to see if they know anyone hiring or organizations with open roles. Seek out like-minded professionals that you admire online to spark conversations about possible opportunities and virtual networking events and chats. Join professional groups online (Facebook and LinkedIn) to expand your job search and network. During this downtime, it’s the perfect opportunity to make new authentic connections and revive old ones. 4 Ways To Stay Sane When Your Company Is Experiencing Layoffs

3. Identify and apply to growth industries and specializations.

Now is the time to identify and apply to companies that have adapted well during the uncertainty and are also uniquely positioned to add value to our new normal environment. Most tech companies are equipped to transition their in-office roles to remote ones in efforts to keep things going as usual. Additionally, healthcare and manufacturing companies are also hiring rapidly as the demand for resources continues to spike due to COVID-19. Continue reading here…

Via: Glassdoor Blog

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