Adapt or die: Why HR should lead business through change

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Over the last 15 years, nearly a third of corporations on the Dow Jones Industrial Average were replaced. Failure to adapt was one of the critical contributing factors to their demise. The rapid pace of change is an ongoing concern for all enterprises, and how organizations handle this challenge will determine long-term business sustainability.

When businesses fail to adapt, it is only a matter of time before revenue, innovation and long-term economic viability begin to suffer. Proactive adaptation to changing work environments and demands includes evaluating new ways of doing business, understanding changes in creating a desirable employee culture and sharpening skill sets throughout the company.

Business Sustainability, Talent Strategy and HR

Business sustainability refers to structuring an organization, from the inside out, to best guarantee ongoing success. To practice business sustainability, organizations must ultimately deliver a talent strategy that allows them to continue. . .

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