How to Calm Down During Times of Crisis

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People keep saying that we’re living in an unprecedented time of disruption and uncertainty. When I hear that, I tend to push back just a little. Humankind has lived through war, pestilence, plagues, and we have persevered. We persevere because we hustle. We think about innovative solutions, but we also rely on our community. Speaking of community, I was very grateful to have Lorna Borenstein join me on my podcast to talk about her well-being platform Grokker. 

Anxiety, stress, and insomnia are high right now. Lorna’s not only doing incredible work through her company but also offered some great insight and advice, which may help us all calm down, just a little. 

Let’s address working parents. Many are working from home with their children while businesses and schools are shut down, and they are stressed out. Lorna had some tips and ideas for parenting during this difficult time. Continue reading here…

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