The People of Your Organization Matter

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Frank Roche is a baby boomer who had a portfolio career before it was cool. He’s been a writer and a journalist, a technologist, and a corporate advisor at very Senior levels. He’s also a podcaster with two podcasts, one about postcards, and another about his journey with pancreatic cancer. Frank is also a long-term associate of mine. We met back in my early days of Punk Rock HR. He is a trusted confidant and friend.

He is also one of America’s leading experts on executive compensation and benefits. So when I had him as a guest on my podcast recently, we discussed valuing the workforce.

Frank explained how the hierarchy in American companies works; shareholders are at the top, followed by the company, and then the employees. It wasn’t a common idea back then (in the mid-2000s), and in many cases, is still not the case in 2020. Read more here…

Source: Laurie Ruettimann

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