Understanding Conflict for Successful Resolutions

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According to CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke—cofounders of thrive! Inc.—there is a certain beauty in conflict. In a recent interview, Campbell and Clarke say, “Conflict can be beautiful. No, it’s not easy or fun, but the magic of a team is that people are better together. The catch is that the ‘better’ part can only happen when you are willing to risk saying something that is true for you while staying curious about its impact on the other person.”

Conflict is a natural, if not uncomfortable, part of any workplace. It’s rare to find an organization in which conflict does not exist. This means that rather than trying to avoid conflict altogether, organizations should seek to understand the sources of the conflict to help address them as quickly and painlessly as possible.

5 Primary Sources of Conflict

To that end, in this post, we’ll talk about the five primary sources of workplace conflict.

  1. Interdependence conflict. Interdependence conflict occurs when one person’s work depends on that of another. For example, a customer service team might be frustrated with consistently. . .

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