Giving Junior Staff Sponsorship Responsibilities

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Few initiatives, big or small, succeed without the help of a champion or sponsor—someone who takes ownership over the process and keeps the other stakeholders and team members focused in the midst of other responsibilities.

Traditionally, a sponsor is someone who has some clout within the organization—through formal authority, expertise, or seniority.

But giving junior staff members sponsorship opportunities could provide big benefits, as well. This can not only free up busy individuals’ time who might be tasked to take on a sponsor role but also boost the careers of junior employees serving as sponsors and help the organization develop its future leaders.

Here, we look at how an organization might put a junior team member in the position of a sponsor or champion.

The Right Stuff

Certainly, it’s crucial that the potential sponsor has some specific characteristics, particularly if the person will be chosen from lower levels of the hierarchy. Continue reading here…

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