Recruiting for Nonprofits: How to Engage More Volunteers

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Recruiting volunteers can be a difficult task, but your nonprofit can’t function without them. They provide you with the workforce you need to keep working toward your organization’s goals. So you’ll want to find the best, most connected supporters that you can.

Finding these individuals is difficult enough on its own. Once you finally locate them, you’ll have to convince them to support your cause, which can take a lot of time and effort from your team.

There are numerous recruitment methods available, so it may take some trial-and-error to find what works best for your organization. Once you grab their attention, you’ll need to keep them involved throughout all your nonprofit’s efforts continuously. Start by implementing these best practices:

  1. Create enticing volunteer opportunities.
  2. Implement volunteer management software.
  3. Optimize your online recruitment process.
  4. Show your appreciation for volunteers.

Volunteers are the heart of your organization. Find supporters who will dedicate their time to making your mission possible without hesitation because they feel connected with your cause. Much like businesses, passion is an essential criterion for hiring. These will turn out to be your most dedicated supporters, and they’ll likely stick around if you implement these strategies. 

Ready to start engaging the best volunteer prospects? Let’s get started!

Create Enticing Volunteer Opportunities

The best events for volunteers are those that get your whole community involved. Community-based fundraisers allow you to get the word out about your organization. Plus, you’ll get to know your current supporters and possibly recruit several new supporters in the process.

Start with a unique event idea tailored to your community, like a fun run or a gala, and have your current volunteers manage the event. They’ll be able to spread the word about your organization and express how much they enjoy lending a hand to your worthy cause. Also, if you pick an event based on supporters’ suggestions, they’ll be more likely to volunteer for it!

Try coordinating a unique fundraiser with your event to encourage deeper involvement with potential volunteers. For instance, a shoe drive fundraiser gets the whole community engaged and is a change in pace from traditional nonprofit events. 

It typically works best with a walkathon or race. But, you can incorporate a shoe drive fundraiser for people to repurpose their running shoes with almost any event you hold. It serves as an excellent opportunity for coming into contact with new volunteer prospects. Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact an organization to facilitate your shoe drive fundraiser. They’ll send you the instructions, paperwork, and tools you need to advertise and host your shoe drive fundraiser.
  2. Recruit your volunteers to help with your event. Set realistic but ambitious goals so that everyone can coordinate their efforts to match.
  3. Ask your event attendees to bring gently worn, used and new shoes. Most people have shoes they don’t wear anymore, and they’ll be glad to clear up some extra space in their houses by donating them to a good cause!
  4. Arrange a pickup time with the facilitating organization. Once they’ve processed the shoes, a check will be mailed to your organization.

Learn what inspires volunteers to serve your organization and incorporate it into your future volunteer opportunities. Remember, not everyone enjoys the same types of events, so offer a diverse set of volunteer opportunities. That way, you’ll appeal to the highest possible number of potential volunteers.

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