Small Business HR Issues: How to Deal with Them

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Human resources are an essential element of every business, both big and small. However, small businesses do not usually have designated HR departments like larger companies. So, many or all HR issues in small businesses need to be dealt with by the business owner. Here are some of the most common HR issues you could face, and the best ways to handle them.

Discrimination and Harassment

Just because you think your small business is just and fair, it does not mean discrimination and harassment cases will not happen. Indeed, according to the latest figures from the US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, in 2016, the organization received over 91,000 charges of discrimination in the workplace. So, it could happen to your company. The best way of dealing with such cases is to hire a lawyer. One who has had to prepare for LSAT and passed rigorous exams to become a high-flying professional is ideal. But small businesses cannot always afford top lawyers. An alternative solution is to arrange an impartial investigation by a neutral party to handle any cases of discrimination and harassment.

Inadequate Hiring Process

Various HR issues can stem from an inadequate hiring process. For example, if you post a poor job description, you will attract job applicants who do not have the right qualifications and experience. Hurried interviews can also lead to the wrong person being hired for the position. If you want to let someone go after discovering he or she does not have the necessary skills and experience, but you do not have just cause to do so, your mistake of not being clear in the job-posting could cost you dearly. To avoid such issues, make sure your job descriptions are concise but as detailed as possible. You will then attract the right quality talent for the role. Read more here…

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