3 Steps For Dealing With A Coworker Who Might Lack Motivation

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Business—like most of life—is a team sport. Companies succeed because people work together to create outcomes that no individual could accomplish alone. Learning how to create good team behavior is complicated because education (in general) is an individual sport. Throughout our years of school, we are given assignments to be done alone and are evaluated on our personal knowledge of the material.

There are good reasons to make sure that everyone in a class has learned the material. Still, it means that most of us don’t practice taking on group projects and particularly at developing strategies to ensure that everyone takes care of their responsibilities.

That is a particular problem when one of your colleagues is not carrying their share of the load. So what should you do when someone is slacking off?

Lead with empathy. 

An old finding in social psychology is called the “fundamental attribution error.” The idea is that when you explain the behavior of other people, you tend to assume that it has to do with some aspect of. . .

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