A Road Map to Reinventing Your Corporate Culture

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From the logistical hurdles of remote work to the emotional impact of the uprising for black lives, the past few months have created significant personal and professional challenges for workers. In this context, a solid, supportive, and motivating company culture has never been more important.

Company culture is a tool for more than recruitment and retention; if done right, it goes much deeper. Company culture is the cornerstone that motivates and unites workers behind your company’s vision and values. A strong culture will help ensure employees have an active stake in the success of the business and come to work every day ready to give 110%. In our current environment of extreme uncertainty, it can even determine whether your business will sink or swim.

Recognizing When Change Is Needed

Sometimes, it is painfully obvious when your company needs a culture change. If you are struggling to retain employees or if your office is frequently managing conflicts and drama, this is a clear sign that change is needed.

However, these cases should really be considered rock bottom. The truth is, the sooner a business takes action to set its culture on the right track, the better. Nipping the problem in the bud will require significantly fewer resources and disruptions.

If your business is doing fine with retention and morale, ask yourself: Is fine good enough? Across the board, the most successful companies and leaders are the ones who constantly optimize. Even with only minor issues or shortcomings, companies should be aware of the missed opportunities to. . .

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