Furloughed Employees: Should You Tell Your Employer You Are Job Hunting?

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The pandemic has upended many businesses, with some companies furloughing employees. A furlough is a mandatory, temporary leave of absence from work. It often leaves employees in an uncomfortable middle ground: They have a job, but they can’t go to it. And while benefits such as health and life insurance typically remain, furloughs are often taken without pay and perks.

Terry McDougall, career coach and author of “Winning the Game of Work,” says that companies often furlough employees when they are no longer able to pay them “but would like to maintain the employee relationship so they can call them back when the economic challenge has passed.”

But there’s no guarantee that employees will be called back, McDougall points out. (In fact, she says she’s worked with clients who’ve. . .

Source: Glassdoor Blog

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