Improving Employee Engagement with Corporate Language Training

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To compete in the global market, a company must have the right tools and qualities. Leadership, finance, and marketing strategy are some of the things that may first come to mind. Strong and collaborative Employee engagement, coupled with proper communication, is the pillar of an outstanding company. These factors are undeniably essential but an element that is commonly overlooked. 

Don’t believe us? In a study by Gallup in 2016, they found out that consistently disengaged teams are less profitable, less productive, and less loyal. What’s worse is that each turnover costs about 1.5 more than the annual salary of the person who quits. On the contrary, engaged teams have far better statistics than that. Actually, in the same study, they discovered that engaged teams have 24% to 59% less turnover. Additionally, these teams have 10% higher customer ratings, 41% less absenteeism, 21% greater profitability, and 17% higher productivity. This data, therefore, shows how genuinely caring about your employees and creating an engaged team should be a priority for top organizations. 

Moreover, according to Poll Everywhere, big companies such as Google, Virgin Group, Southwest Airlines, and many other successful companies actually promote employee engagement.  


Investing in your employees is a critical factor in employee engagement. Employee engagement makes sure that your team is motivated to do their job. They wake up and go to work, knowing what they have to do and what they need to do. Ensuring your employees are happy and being cared for will improve their performance and strengthen their loyalty to the company, thus lessening employee turnover, which is a costly and time-consuming expense. 
Employee investments may be taken in personal or financial terms. Personal investments are made by paying attention to your employees’ needs, being flexible with their schedules, promoting breaks, and. . .

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