Recruiters’ Guide: 7 Interview Formats You Should Know About and When to Use Them

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Hey recruiters, how have you been organizing your interviews lately? With the impact of uncontrollable elements on the business environment and the rise of new technology, hiring managers are changing the way they recruit considerably, including the way they run interviews.

While the optimal interview method depends on the nature of the industry, companies’ resources, and other factors, having a solid grasp of different interview formats will help you find out what works best for your company and effectively meet the hiring needs in a fast-moving job market.

In this article, we will cover seven different types of interview formats with detailed analysis to help you identify which format – or combination of formats – will be the most optimal for your organization.

What are Interview Formats?

Interview formats are structured approaches and ways to organize interviews between your recruiting team and potential candidates. They are designed by recruiters to properly assess candidates’ personalities, competencies, motivations, and culture fit.

As mentioned earlier, the optimal format – or combination of formats – for each open vacancy may vary depending on the industry norms, requirements of specific roles, and each company’s general policies. We will go through the seven basic interview formats in the next section.

Interview Formats Categorized by Interview Flow

How can you organize the structure of your interviews? In terms of interview flow, there are three formats you can incorporate in your hiring plan as below.

A structured interview is when recruiters design different sets of questions in advance. The content of each question set is fixed and used during meetings with every candidate applying to similar positions. These sets often. . .

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