Rethinking Work/Life Balance

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For many workers, particularly those spending most of their time in an office, the line between work hours and personal hours started to blur significantly with technological advances like e-mail, cell phones, and smartphones. These tools largely eliminated the need for staff to be in the office for their teams or bosses to reach them, eroding the separation of clocking out or taking paid time off (PTO).

As millions of employees have shifted to working from home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the line between work life and home life has become even more blurred. For staff working remotely, the idea of being physically present in the office or physically at home is essentially meaningless.

The primary boundary instead becomes the time of day. But from a conceptual standpoint, what separates spending long hours in the office and being physically available to coworkers from being feet away from a home office or having a smartphone?

Log-In/Log-Out Button

One relatively cheap and easy tool to help manage the availability question is a log-in/log-out function on an internal company application. Employees who are finished working for the day can simply. . .

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