Talent Retention Still Vital, Despite Pandemic

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Given the global coronavirus pandemic, one would assume this would be the cause for the high turnover across the United States. However, according to a new report, job dissatisfaction is one of the reasons employees left the workforce in 2020.

The “2020 Talent Retention Report,” released by iHire, features survey insights from 2,871 U.S. workers. In its second year, the report suggests that 51.1% of employees have left a role in the past year, as job dissatisfaction rose 7.4% from 2019.

Highlights from iHire’s 2020 Talent Retention Report include:

Despite high unemployment rates, layoffs haven’t been the sole drivers for turnover in 2020. Of the 51.1% of employees who left a job in the past year, 26.2% departed involuntarily (i.e., they were laid off or terminated), and 24.9% departed voluntarily (i.e., they left on their own volition).

Job dissatisfaction climbed year-over-year. 29.6% of respondents said they were “dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with their current or most recent jobs, a 7.4% increase from 2019’s survey. Although. . .

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