The Big Job Boards Are Failing Employers and Candidates

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In a world filled with unlimited options, customizing products and solutions to people’s needs, choices, and personalities is critical to drive buying behavior. This is true in the consumer world as much as in talent acquisition.

So if everything from our devices to our shoes to our shampoos is personalized to our unique needs, personalities, and preferences, why should job boards be any different?

Prioritizing Personalization

Today’s big job boards don’t have any appeal left. They’ve gone through some staggered facelifts, but they aren’t dramatically different than they were when first introduced as a radically new way to search for jobs in place of classified ads. As a result, they have significantly amplified jobseekers’ already high stress levels during the pandemic. 

There are, of course, some sites that are doing a better job than others. LinkedIn has certainly revolutionized enabled a “job that comes to you” approach through employment history, profile personalization. . .

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