The Evolution of Career-Changing Candidates

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Given the upheaval of recent months, it should come as no surprise that job and industry shifts are proliferating. The coronavirus crisis (and associated economic impact) is causing the biggest labor shifts we’ve seen in the modern-day. In the United Kingdom, 52.5% of new starters have come from another industry. Meanwhile, a third of U.S. jobs are at risk. 

But there’s a bigger story behind the numbers. As workers switch their roles, careers, and sectors in massive numbers, the question becomes: Is this a short-term trend or a longer-term evolution in how people view their careers and prospects?

The Impact of Demand for Roles

It’s common sense for people to find new roles when demand for their current ones has decreased — particularly when those same people are laid off. When a sector like travel suffers huge losses (currently predicted at $910 billion), you cannot deny that a big part of attrition will be because of money and job stability. 

Meanwhile, in booming sectors that are hiring, it’s vital to look at the different expectations of candidates entering fields that are new to them. This can potentially impact your retention, internal mobility, and. . .

Source: ERE

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