Tips to Finding the Right Candidate for Your Team

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Finding the right candidate to join your team is extremely important. The person you hire today will contribute to your company’s success or failure, so take the time to process each candidate properly. To ensure you are bringing in someone effective who will add value to your business, here are some tips to finding the right candidate.


When posting a job opening, make sure the criteria and requirements are clear. This helps narrow applicants down to those you really want. This also helps cut down time used to sort through applications and helps you focus on those who are best qualified for the job.


It is normal for a candidate to list all their acquired skills on their resume, but what matters more is the individual’s ability to transfer those skills to the job. Use the S.T.A.R. Method during the interview to allow the candidate to narrate how they were able to display certain behaviors or apply a specific skill to resolve or address an issue. Skill is good, but skill application is. . .

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