Top 5 Creative Ways to Recognise and Reward Employees

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This year has been no easy ride for businesses and the individuals within them. Since the pandemic forced a lot of us to work remotely, finding the motivation to persist with our everyday tasks has been a challenge. It is now more important than ever that employers recognise and reward their staffs’ efforts to continue working through these difficult times.

Although recent announcements encourage people to work from home once again if possible, there are still many effective ways you can reward your staff for their efforts – and give them the extra boost of motivation they may feel they are lacking. Although business theorists including Herzberg and Taylor suggest that money is the best way to motivate staff, this ignores the additional benefits of non-monetary achievements, such as an improved sense of achievement and self-esteem.

With this in mind, we discuss the top five monetary and non-monetary ways to motivate staff.

Health care happiness

To truly show your employees how much you value not only their labour but their health too, offer them some financial help with their healthcare. Perhaps this could be their employee of the month reward or a worker of the year prize, or just a random time to show your appreciation. Whatever the cause for responding to their efforts is, opting to do this in the form of healthcare costs will help show your value for them.

Whether this is through helping them pay for their prescriptions or pay a year of private health care for them, there are many ways you can help ensure your employees’ health and wellbeing is supported.

Gift vouchers

Now that we can return to shopping outdoors again, help your staff out with their retail therapy and. . .

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