Trust and Transparency Are Key for Empowering Employees to be Productive

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Trust, empathy, and communication were discussed throughout our Corporate Culture Week, as these three elements are vital for creating a great culture within your organization. Today’s guest takes it one step further and explains why you need to throw transparency into the mix.

Meet Nikki Salenetri, VP HR at Gympass. For Salenetri, empowering her employees helps keep them productive, but it also helps foster an inclusive culture.

How did you find yourself working in HR?

Great question. When I was in college, I was a bio psych major, and then towards the end of my senior year, I ended up taking a class in social psychology, which got me interested in organizational and developmental psychology.

I actually went right from undergrad into grad school at NYU in the I/O psych program, industrial and organizational psychology. Coming out of there you have a few different tracks you could take, either going into management consulting and doing change management and organizational effectiveness and that kind of thing or working in-house in an HR department.

I am a total doer and someone who likes to execute things and see the outcome or the value of different projects that I implement. I decided to go the in-house HR route, because I thought I’d be able to have more impact on. . .

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