What Side of History Will You Be On? 5 Remote Work Predictions to Help You Get Ahead in 2021

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In every segment of the economy, from schools and nonprofit organizations to professional services and tech companies, the understanding of where people can and should work has shifted dramatically. Unless Elon Musk invents a time machine, workers will never go back to the office at the same levels as before COVID-19.

Before the pandemic, only 5 percent of the American workforce worked from home full-time; during the pandemic, that number jumped to 26 percent, with many other employees reporting they worked “mostly” from home, according to Gallup. Thanks to lower commuting costs, time savings, and improved family bonds, a good chunk of workers now want to work remotely forever. This will have far-reaching implications for 2021 and beyond, especially for managers, recruiters, conferences, and events.

Here are my predictions for how the world of work will look in 2021:

Prediction No. 1: At Least 20 Percent of Workers Will Work From Home at Least One Day a Week

Even when the pandemic is no longer a factor, I believe the percentage of employees working from home full-time will at least double to 10 percent during the next few years. More importantly, an even higher percentage of employees — at least 20 percent — will work from home at least one day a week.

This massive shift will affect the way managers lead teams, how recruiting and onboarding are conducted, and where people meet to socialize. This, in turn, will spur rapid growth for new technologies designed to. . .

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