Why Should Your Company Start Using Video Interview if You Have Not?

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Before the Covid 19 pandemic, most businesses and corporations were already very familiar with the term “Video Interview Software”. In a 2019 HR report by Hiring Thing, 60% of surveyed businesses in the US alone have employed video interview for talent search. The arrival of the pandemic only serves to increase the use of digitized interviews in talent recruitment. For instance, tech giants like Google or Facebook have been slowly switching to Video Interviews to enroll new employees. For Facebook, even equipment is sent through the mail to accepted candidates to prepare for work.

If you are still wondering whether to adopt Video Interview Software to your business, here are both sides of the coin when it comes to using video interview for recruitment.

Speed-up the Screening Process

A key benefit of adopting video interview software is the amount of time saved. VidCruiter discovered that: using live video interviews, a company can reduce its time to hire by 10% to 80%. This new form of recruitment saves time by removing requirements often found in a face-to-face session. Checking multiple submissions at a time is also possible with the help of program-sorting and AI. Let’s put this into perspective by comparing Video Interview with one of the fastest interview methods in the past centuries – Phone Interview.

Lower the Cost

Although making a call is simple, the interviewer still has to arrange the time to make the call. Why struggle with arranging schedules when the candidates can send you their answers through pre-recorded videos? Do you know that. . .

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