Building Communities: How to Keep Professional Events Engaging in the Age of Remote Work

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The pandemic has changed the way work is done, and talent leaders must now master new approaches to recruiting and managing employees. While the pandemic has thwarted many traditional in-person events, recruiters and HR pros still need to connect with their colleagues to keep up with the trends and ideas shaping the future of work. Virtual events can be an effective avenue for those connections.

If you are hosting a virtual event — or are in an area where hybrid and live events are feasible again — it’s important you know how to make the most of it. Creating attendee communities for your events can help facilitate peer-to-peer learning and foster stronger networking. These communities allow participants to engage in the kinds of deeper conversations that aren’t otherwise easy to start in large virtual events.

Here are some tips to help you create effective communities:

Prequalify Attendees

Professionals with diverse portfolios and interests may be attending your event, so it’s a good idea to set up smaller communities based on shared interests to foster more effective learning and networking. To place attendees in communities where they can meaningfully contribute to and benefit from the conversation, you’ll need to prequalify them first.

Prequalification can be done through short surveys that attendees complete during or after event registration. Focus on gathering information about areas of expertise, roles, work experience, and basic understanding of industry issues. This information can be used to group attendees into the communities that are most relevant to their knowledge and interests.

Create Communities Around Specific Topics and Jobs

Your event may include networking hours during which attendees can meet one another and chat. These sessions are useful, but they’re also limited by time and may not provide everyone with the opportunity to. . .

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