Burning out? Check Out 20 Highest Rated Companies For Work-Life Balance During COVID-19

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Due to COVID-19, the concept of having a work-life balance has increasingly become more difficult to achieve. Many employees have been experiencing long hours of work to meet deadlines and keep businesses afloat, which alters employee morale, wellness, and motivation, which unfortunately leads to burnout. Although the concept of work-life balance varies across companies, Glassdoor Sr. Economic Research Analyst Amanda Stansell was able to look at Glassdoor reviews from the past six months to reveal which employers prioritize their employees’ well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research found the monthly percentage of employee reviews in July 2020 on Glassdoor discussing mental health and similar topics rose 42 percent compared to six months earlier. Prioritizing mental health and wellness within the workplace is now more important than ever, not only to employers but also for employees suffering from chronic workplace stress. 

Additionally, Stansell and the team analyzed millions of employee reviews on Glassdoor to identify the top 20 companies for. . .

Credit: Glassdoor Blog

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