Going On-Demand? Think Trust First, Technology Second

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The technology you use is only the second most important thing when starting an on-demand staffing division. So what is the first? Trust.

As one of the founders and the CTO of FromWolf, I’ve led our team in working with over 20 temporary staffing companies on their digital transformation journeys by helping them go on-demand. In doing so I have learned a lot about what happens when companies decide to make the leap. At FromWolf, we are firm believers in co-creation or iterative innovation, wherein we implement a solution quickly, get feedback from clients, and then adapt the solution based on that feedback.

However, getting feedback is a tricky art.

When we think of on-demand, we think of an Uber-like experience for our clients. Staffing companies, be they from light industrial or legal, healthcare or hospitality industries, could have their clients place orders right from their phone and the order would be immediately filled with the right candidate from the staffing company’s pool. The on-demand platform takes care of. . .

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