How the Workplace is Being Changed by the Arrival of Generation Z

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For a while, Millennials have been the focus of workplace trends. But as the people in Gen Z begin to build their careers, the workplace is changing yet again to reflect new norms. Members of Gen Z were born in the mid-nineties and many are already or about to enter into the workforce full-time. Here are a few ways the workplace is being changed by this generation:


Gen Z grew up with technology. Being able to use search engines and get information on demand has created an autonomous, self-starting culture in Gen Z. This is great for employers, but it represents a need to shift how entry-level positions are managed. Gen Z is capable, competent, and requires less handholding for basic tasks. On the other side, Gen Z members are still newbies in terms of experience. Generation Z is considered to be on track to be the best educated generation to-date, according to this Pew Research study. Strategic mentorship can be a great way to allow Gen Z to have autonomy while also guiding young employees with seasoned wisdom. 


With employees who have grown up accustom to instant results, waiting for an annual review seems like torture. Gen Z wants credit for doing a good job. This doesn’t mean Gen Z can’t take criticism. But members of this group truly appreciate being told they’ve done a good job. An employee recognition program can go a long way to keep Gen Z motivated and engaged. 


Gen Z witnessed the impact the Great Recession had on their families, and it’s shaped how Gen Z thinks about salary and job security. Their unique worldview has instilled a hunger for higher salaries. . .

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