How to Find a Mentor When You’re Working Remotely

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There are plenty of perks working remotely, the snacks, the bunny slippers, and the in-home commute. But there’s a certain social ease that office life invites. Those face-to-face meetings, lunches, and happy hours with colleagues and contacts are important social and networking opportunities. They keep our professional communication skills honed and sharp.

A lot of business is cued by the volley of semi-formal workplace chats. It’s hard to conjure that same social finesse via Zoom. It’s simply not as engaging to linger over a remote call as it is around a meeting table.

It can be challenging to make connections when working remotely, and some are vital to career growth, like finding a mentor. How can you target a good prospect and request his or her support? Consider these tips for finding a mentor when you’re working remotely.

Why mentorship?

mentor is usually a senior professional who works in your company or industry. Your mentor helps give you the inside scoop on your profession, industry, company, etc. He or she helps you understand your role more fully and offers the lowdown on career growth and advancement in your field.

Lisa Fain, CEO of the Center for Mentoring Excellence, and author of Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring, explains that mentorship enhances workplace culture by fostering:

  • More engaged, productive, and connected people
  • Meaningful relationships in the workplace
  • More skilled leaders who understand how to focus on development, listen
    critically and invest in their people.

Fain also points out that mentoring relationships are important for professional development: “[M]entoring relationships help create exposure to opportunities, resources, and people. . .

Origin: Glassdoor Blog

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