Making Inspirational Hires: How to Identify a Candidate Chemistry Match

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The most critical aspect of being a successful business leader is building a company that inspires innovation and productivity. Your ability to identify bright people with the right skills who fit into your company culture is an art worth mastering.

One wrong person can negatively affect your culture. You can work well with almost anyone — whether it be a seasoned expert or a first-year hire coming out of school — when you know the values you have in common with them.

A talented executive creative director was hired by an advertising agency to spark creative ideas for their most important clients. Over time, the partners learned she was consistently criticizing her creative team when clients rejected their work. She was abrasive with the company’s client service department, putting them on the defensive and claiming they poorly communicated what the clients wanted. She did not take responsibility.

The creative director was a poor communicator and leader, lacking the value of empathy. She did not fit well within the agency’s collaborative culture. After six months, she was replaced, and it cost the agency time, lost business, and money to replace her and the unhappy team members who left because of her.

When companies put up with poor employee relationships, they allow the propagation of stress and anxiety that weakens productivity, innovation, and positive coworker interactions. The Global Organization for Stress says that 80 percent of all workers are stressed in their jobs. How often are you and your team frustrated, angry, confused, bored, or unhappy at work? Are you or your staff:

• wasting time in unproductive meetings?
• constantly putting out fires?
• dealing with energy-draining deadlines?
• engulfed in toxic politics?
• struggling with staff retention?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, it is time to reevaluate your company’s relationship-building efforts, which start with your hiring process. The best way to identify the right relationship-chemistry match for your company is to use the three-step “Chemistry Factor” process.

Step 1: Know Yourself

Take the time for self-reflection to discover the values that inspire you and your company. Value discovery will likely require some interaction with your firm’s department heads and their staff members. You want to find out what values inspire them and ask them to share stories that define more accurately what each value means to them.

For example, one department head I worked with once shared an experience of his from middle school. One day, he was the designated basketball captain on the playground. As his first pick for his team, he chose a schoolmate usually chosen last to play. The boy was surprised but. . .

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