Simple Ways to Fix Your Candidate Experience

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With everything that’s broken in the world right now, HR and talent acquisition (TA) professionals must focus on creating experiences that can deliver speed, convenience, and help, says Tracey Parsons, President of Parsons Strategic Consulting, in a recent HR Now session.

In the session, “Building Now: Candidate Experience When It Seems Moot,” Parsons discussed how important the candidate experience (CX) is, especially right now during the coronavirus pandemic. Parsons says that so much uncertainty has caused people to stop quitting their jobs.

While unemployment has increased available talent, fear of contracting the virus, economic uncertainty, and more, all play a role in why jobseekers aren’t going back to the workforce. And if your company has said it’s on a hiring freeze, but is still recruiting for vital roles, candidates will not listen past the word “freeze,” Parsons adds.

When it comes to recruiting talent and winning the CX, Parsons says, “We must go back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to understand jobseekers and help them overcome their fears and concerns.”

Build Experiences from Your Brand

Over the last few years TA teams have been focusing on branding, marketing, and recruitment and have been escalating up the Hierarchy chain to help draw talent, with “belonging” becoming one of the most important “needs” before the pandemic.

However, because of COVID, we’re now progressing back down this chain because people don’t feel safe. Recruiters must now go back to one of the most basic “needs” on Hierarchy chain: safety. “We have to understand, listen, and craft everything to accommodate what jobseekers need from us,” says Parsons.

CX may seem like a moot point if nobody is applying for your jobs, but have you considered the fact that maybe the job descriptions themselves are turning off candidates and creating the poor CX from the start? Are your job descriptions listing the safety measures your organization is taking? Do you communicate this to candidates once they apply? Do you communicate this again before the candidate goes into an interview?

By showing candidates that you’re focused on their concerns, you’re proving to them what it’s like to work for your company. You’re also preparing candidates for an exceptional experience by setting their expectations from the start.

Bad CX Is Bad for the Bottom Line

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: A bad CX will cost your company in some way, shape or form. Candidate experience is a roller coaster, says Parsons. But why? What does it cost the business? What happens to the brand if there are terrible experiences?

She points to research that says 41% of candidates who had an unpleasant experience will take their spending dollars elsewhere. Compared to 64% of candidates who had a pleasant experience and said they would spend more money with the company.

By not investing in a good CX, you’re only hurting the bottom line, says Parsons. She points to an example from cable provider, Virgin Atlantic. The company crunched the numbers and discovered that out of 123,000 rejected candidates, 6% ended up cancelling their subscriptions. Virgin Atlantic ultimately lost. . .

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