Teaching Business Ethics for Better Corporate Culture

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In a competitive business environment, there is often temptation among companies, their employees, and executives to cut corners to further their own interests.

In the short term, bad actors may see their efforts rewarded; however, in the long term, most are found out, and the consequences can be tremendous, including bad publicity, fines, and even criminal prosecution.

Make Business Ethics a Priority

Employees pick up very quickly on what company policies need to be followed and which are essentially only meaningful on paper. If companies want ethics to genuinely be a part of their company culture, they need to make time to focus on the issue. This includes regularly offered training.

Use Real-Life and Timely Examples

Like anything else, training on ethics is most effective when trainees have context around which to build their understanding and appreciation of the key concepts, principals, and rules related to ethical issues.

There are numerous contemporary examples of real-world ethical issues that can serve as teaching tools, including the Wells Fargo fake account scandal, the Volkswagen emissions scandal, and the. . .

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