The First 90 Days: 10 Steps to Help You Ace a New Role

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The first 90 days in a new role are extremely important — in fact, they can determine your overall success or failure in that role. That’s the basic premise of Michael D. Watkins’ best-seller, The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter.

In his book, Watkins talks about what transitions are and why they are extremely important from the perspective of both the employee and the organization. If you’re a recruiter heading into a new role, read on to find out how to set yourself up for success!

What Is a Transition?

Any new role you take on qualifies as a transition. It could be:

• A promotion
• Moving to a new function
• Moving to a new company
• Handling an additional function
• Becoming the CEO of a company
• Taking a managerial position for the first time
• Taking a new job

“Early in your transition, you inevitably feel as if you are drinking from a fire hose.” – Michael D. Watkins

Why Are Transitions Important?

Meet my friend, Sophia. Unlike her mother, who spent all 40 years of her professional life at the same company, Sophia has already changed jobs four times in nearly 10 years. After a successful stint as senior sales executive, Sophia is all set to head both the sales and marketing divisions at the tech company where she works. Yep, she just got promoted again! Sophia’s story is probably familiar, because. . .

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