The Problem With Entry-Level Job Postings

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When I graduated, I was going to be a marketing executive. I would work at the big ad agencies, and everyone would just be dying to hire me. I’m going to assume that you know exactly how that worked out. I mean, I’m sitting here writing a blog about recruiting. It didn’t work out how I expected.

In pursuit of my mission, I went for a communications degree. It was the only degree I could get without taking a math course. Most of my classes taught propaganda and persuasion tactics, but one allowed us to create a campaign.

I was so excited. This was it. We were creating a billboard for a nonprofit. We interviewed people who used these therapeutic resources in the community. My team came up with the winning concept, and I was ecstatic. I worked my butt off. Stressed like crazy. 

Entry-Level Job Postings Suck 

Guess how much recruiters cared about that when I was applying to entry-level jobs. Zero, if you’re wondering. 

Because I was an entry-level candidate, I was qualified to sell radio ads, Ponzi schemes, or get ridiculously low pay for what companies call a management program.

Reading the job postings was an exercise in despair. The clichés caught me off guard. I mean, how many companies could be. . .

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