Why HR Managers Should Embrace Coworking Spaces in the Wake of COVID-19

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The life of a human resources (HR) manager is rarely dull, but rarely easy. As an HR professional, you have a plethora of responsibilities on your plate; from participating in planning and development to advocating and supporting employees, the duties of an HR manager are integral in fostering an effective workplace. One of the many – and most important – hats that HR professionals wear is that of a leader of change. Modern HR leaders are skilled at minimizing change resistance and employee unrest within their organization by using strategies such as shaping organizational culture and weighing the success of change initiatives. Such skills have become all the more essential in a world that is now characterized by rapid and drastic change due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Suffice it to say that COVID-19 has massively shifted the way we work. With the boom in remote work following the outbreak, we’ve gone from boardrooms to Zoom rooms, our desks are now our kitchen tables, and our daily commutes are now non-existent. In the face of this crisis, HR managers all over the world have been forced to overcome a variety of challenges, including adjusting new and current employees to very different work conditions, facilitating remote work environments, and implementing workplace policies and procedures to reduce human contact. Though it has posed a significant challenge, these HR professionals have demonstrated a strong sense of innovation, resilience, and adaptability while coordinating workers’ transition to remote work.

The success of HR managers in transitioning their employees to work-from-home arrangements has been widely well-received by the workers themselves. In fact, as of May 2020, nearly 60% of American workers have said that they would prefer to continue working remotely as much as possible, even as certain lockdown restrictions begin to ease. As the idea of returning to the office becomes increasingly common across the globe, many are asking themselves if they should return to the office or not
With such a large portion of workers considering a permanent future in remote work (if given the option), organizations will likely need to consider downsizing their office spaces or closing them altogether to save on costs. However, in this scenario, companies run the risk of dissatisfying the employees who want to return to the office. Many of these workers cite increased camaraderie and productivity as key reasons they prefer working in the office.
So, where does that leave HR managers? How can you balance conflicting employee needs and wants to ensure that job satisfaction levels are not damaged? How do you balance the need to cut costs with employees’ desire to return to a shared office space? Well, the answer may just lie in a coworking space.

A coworking space is a setup in which employees from different companies share an office space. The use of these innovative workspaces is poised to become much more widespread as more companies shift away from. . .

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