Working Smarter, Not Harder: Using AI to Boost Productivity

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2020 has certainly been a weird one and reducing workplace stress has never been more needed. Allowing your workforce more time to focus on the tasks that offer the most satisfying results is one of the best ways to effectively motivate your employees, especially those that are working remotely. 
These days, those mundane, laborious tasks that require what feels like an endless amount of time, concentration and manpower don’t have to be quite so draining… 
When we say AI, most people likely think of futuristic humanoids trying to take over the world – but the reality is much different, it’s about integration and AI is fast becoming a part of everyday life. From social media, to Google searches – they’re all powered by machine learning to help make life easier, faster and more relevant – tailoring the experience and conveniently providing you with what you need in just a few clicks. 


There are a number of ways that AI can help boost productivity in the workplace and these tools are evolving all the time – meaning that any business can benefit from artificial intelligence somewhere. . .

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