7 Skills You’ll Need to Get a Promotion While Working Remotely

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It can seem tough to snag a promotion when you’re working from home. After all, without face-to-face time with your team and boss, how can you show your worth? Executive and career coach Lauren Cohen understands: “When working remotely, employees often feel unable to adequately and accurately show their dedication and professional accomplishments,” Cohen says. “They worry their boss doesn’t know that they are starting early, dressing up — from the waist up — and Zooming, taking copious notes, coordinating projects, and going the extra mile.”

But it’s not impossible to prove your worth and get a promotion while working from home. By honing these seven skills, you can show your boss you’re ready for a new role — even remotely.

The ability to create strong relationships.

Even though you’re working from home, you’re not really working alone. And Sheila Murphy, career coach and CEO of Focus Forward Consulting, says it’s vital you sharpen your relationship-building skills to prove you’re ready for a promotion. She recommends you show your boss you “have the relationships needed to accomplish and exceed objectives” while working from home.

You can strengthen relationships with coworkers, team members, and clients by engaging, helping, and encouraging them on digital channels, such as Slack, Zoom, and email.

A healthy dose of self-discipline.

According to Cohen, “The best remote employees can work independently and do not require a lot of hand-holding.” In other words, if you’re self-disciplined and proactive, you can prove you are ready for a promotion when you work from home. Cohen suggests you “show” your boss a summary of the. . .

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