Creative Communications—Ideas for a Trying Time

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Communication is always a critical best practice for nurturing and engaging a productive and loyal team. In the midst of COVID-19 uncertainty, however, it’s more important than ever.

At The Trade Desk, a global digital advertising technology company in Ventura, California, Vina Leite, Chief People Officer, says the company has been fortunate to have had a lot of prior experience with remote working and likes to think it is ahead of the game.

The company encourages a number of best practices, she says, to make employees’ remote work experiences the best they can be. She recommends a number of these to other companies hoping to keep employees engaged and productive during uncertain times:

  • Preserve traditions that reinforce your culture. “Our CEO and members of the leadership team host a weekly virtual All Hands meeting that is recorded and shared worldwide, to keep everyone up-to-date with business priorities and news. These 30-minute broadcasts are filled with recognition as well as opportunities to help where needed. It is some of the most important time we spend together.”
  • Encourage everyone to “step up with storytelling about ways your organization is unique, even while being. . .

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