How AI will Enable Contactless Hiring Post-Pandemic

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Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly central for businesses today. As recruitment goes through a new evolution in adapting to the conditions created by the pandemic, resources such as AI have a lot to offer. It is already making the hiring process more efficient across many sectors and could ensure that contactless hiring and on boarding is a simple and straightforward process in the months and years to come.

Where is AI already making an impact? One of the key features of AI is that it can take over repetitive tasks from humans and automate these, freeing up members of the HR team to add value elsewhere. There are a number of ways in which this could benefit the hiring process, from sending out paperwork to triggering reminders for video interviews. AI can also be useful when it comes to planning – the combination of machine learning and large amounts of data makes it possible for. . .

Origin: The Staffing Stream

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